What most of us avoid

The message I keep hearing, from coaching clients, FB groups and women I talk to – and me too, I’m putting my own hand up here – is that it’s so hard to make time for ourselves. Real time, giving ourselves our full attention, listening to hear what our heart and soul are saying, maybe even crying out for. It’s easier to say ‘I don’t know” and just keep on going.

Self care is more than taking a few hours for ourselves, or booking a holiday or arranging a massage. I’m talking about really being aware of what we are feeling and what we need, on a deep, emotional level. On a heart and soul level.

And do you know why? Because it’s scary. Damn scary. It means we have to be vulnerable. Opening up parts of us we’ve kept hidden or buried, often through a rough experience or a belief we have about ourselves that we adopted at some stage. Pain or discomfort, the stuff we’ve buried deep so we didn’t have to deal with it.

Acknowledging it and shining a light on it will mean we have to be honest, raw and real. Who with? Ourselves!

We won’t be able to hide any longer. Bringing to the surface what we’ve pushed down, pushed aside, buried deep, for so long because we’re human. It’s our coping mechanism, often even survival mode, and the way we deal with life experiences, both from a very young age and throughout life.

But just because we can’t see this stuff (can’t think of a better word!), doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Without us knowing, it can affect the way we live our lives, limiting and holding us back, despite our best intentions.

Learning to open up to these dark depths is part of embracing our divine feminine, the dark mystery within ourselves. It’s also a means of tapping in to our essence, of all that we can be, of our own possibilities.

Moving our awareness in to our body, and becoming comfortable here, we can start to feel in to our emotions. Feeling without naming, without judgement and analysis. It’s not easy but the more we feel, the deeper we can go. It starts with stillness and that’s where meditation can help initiate the process. Learning to settle the mind so that we can focus our awareness within the body and beyond.

It is difficult to surrender to the unknown. But know that your heart has your back and it won’t let you fall too far. It’s there to catch you and hold you and nurture you.

The wisdom we can gain in opening up to ourselves is so beautiful.  You might still think it’s scary, but it’s worth the effort. You are worth the effort. We really can’t hide from our own truth.

Becoming familiar with the mystery and exploring the dark depths is partly why I’m studying Energy and Soul Medicine. It part of my own journey and also enables me to help others tap in to so much more of themselves. It’s not a fix, but more a means of tapping in to what’s hidden but real.  It’s enlightening and empowering and I think that’s what appeals the most.

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