Time for clearing and releasing

We are nearing the end of the year and it’s the perfect time to consider what you want to clear out and leave behind before a new year starts.

We are often quick to want a fresh start, to make some changes but with little focus on what we really need to let go of.

It’s a symbolic time now, as we close off 2016, which is a ‘9’ year in numerology (meaning the digits add up to 9) and the final year in a nine year cycle.  2017 will be a ‘1’ year and the start of a new nine year cycle, bringing with it the chance for new beginnings. (I’m no expert in numerology but when you can relate to something like this I find it fascinating.)

Looking back on the past nine years, what has happened in your life?  What has changed, how have you dealt with your experiences, your relationships?  What have the good times looked like and what about the difficult and challenging ones?  It can be useful to go over this timeline in detail and note down the occurrences.

The focus as we close out the year, is on clearing, completing, finalising and letting go.  Physically, emotionally and energetically.

Removing the weight being carried on our shoulders and instead, feeling free.

Being intentional with this will allow us to make the most of new opportunities in 2017.

I know the lead up to Christmas (and new year) is full on and stressful in itself, but it’s worth taking the time to consider what you want less of and what you want to make room for.  Rather than letting the season overwhelm, embrace the opportunity to empower yourself, in all aspects of your life.


Consider your physical environment and remove the things you no longer need, no longer feel attached to and those that you’ve perhaps been hanging  on to for just a little too long.

Tackle one room at a time, or one section of a room, sort through your wardrobe, clear out your handbag, linen cupboard and garage or storage area.  Pass on what you can recycle to charity and delight in the fact that ‘one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure’; there are always people in need.

Even the fridge and pantry can always do with a clean out.


What have you not yet finished that’s been hanging over your head these past weeks or months?  Take the top two or three and plan how you can get these completed and out of the way.  They might relate to work or home, financial or social.

Store the files, send the emails, finish the book-keeping, clear the laundry bench, get the car serviced.  Anything that you’ve been putting off.  At least get it in to your diary or booked in.


Reduce the load on your Inbox, clear it up, unsubscribe where you can and stop that feeling of overwhelm when more emails than you can read hit you every morning! Consider what information is important to you right now and what you no longer find useful.


Use an air purifier or a diffuser with essential oils to clear and purify the air.

A few oils that are great for clearing and cleansing are lemon, lemongrass, eucalyptus, rosemary and juniper berry.

Take the opportunity to open up the windows and let fresh air in whenever you can.


What old stories are you still telling yourself?

Who or what gets you annoyed in an instant?

What words have you left unspoken?

How do you feel about yourself?

It’s so easy to get caught up in our emotions and keep running the same lines over and over in our head.  Instead of reacting in our habitual way, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate?  Clear out the old stories that are no longer serving us and consider how we want to feel and act.  We do each have the power to choose how we think and feel.

You can journal your thoughts, have the conversation, set the boundaries.  Epsom salt baths are a wonderful way to release toxins (even emotional ones) and stress being held in our body.

Allow for forgiveness and be prepared to step back and let go.


I’ve never been good with new year resolutions but I think this time will be different.  Working through these various aspects of life over December and in to January is giving me a new perspective on what is important and what needs to go.  It’s time.  Creating space means letting things go so there is room for more, more of what will be beneficial, joyful and fulfilling.

I think I’ve been working up to this all year.  What is staring me in the face is that if I keep on doing the same, I’ll just get more of the same.  It definitely is time to take action.

Are you ready to join me?

Be intentional, own your own space, take action both physically and energetically and reap the rewards as 2017 rolls around.




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