Seeing the signs – the dragonfly and the blowfly

This week I was drawn to our local reserve, to get amongst the trees, away from noise and suburbia and just be with the quiet. The days have been mild, not too hot and the breezes gentle.

I was wanting to make a decision about something of interest to me and, feeling the need to sit with it for a while, I headed off for a walk. As I came out of the reserve, I sat in the open grassed area and enjoyed the stillness. It didn’t take long to see a dragonfly further ahead of me. Now normally I may not have even noticed, but for the past month, I’ve been seeing one or two regularly both around work and at home, which is unusual, as I’ve never seen them so consistently before.

It’s been suggested that they are a sign of transformation, of change, but also bringing lightness and joy in to life. To me that means following your intuitive path through your interests and passions.  Being aware of what sparks your interest and what feels right, opening up to new ways without resistance, and instead with excitement and anticipation.

I was very aware that the choices I could make with this new interest and opportunity were right here with me in the clearing.   I could feel my heart open and I simply wanted to see what would unfold in this moment.  No judgement, no ego.  Was my soul calling me?

As I watched the dragonfly, so gracefully spinning around, I walked over closer and sat on the grass. Immediately a huge blow fly came and flew incessantly in circles around my head!! Having been open to the sign of the dragonfly, I knew instinctively that the fly was simply all the fears that I was not wanting to acknowledge, hovering around and trying to take over. But oooohhhh no, I was determined not to let them raise their ugly head. So here was me, on the grass in the sun, having a conversation with a big, noisy blowfly and trying to shoo it away; this went on for several minutes. It must have looked quote funny from a distance.

The blowfly did finally disappear and guess who reappeared – my beautiful dragonfly!

I knew then how to go forth with my decision making. It was time to stay true to myself and not let the ego mind, the analysis and the fears that are usually bubbling underneath, to control the situation any longer.

It’s amazing how there are so many messages out there, if only we stop to look and really see.

2 thoughts on “Seeing the signs – the dragonfly and the blowfly

  1. Beautiful Gail. Connecting with nature really helps to move past the noise in the mind and see what was there all along. The gentle, soft calling of our soul x

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