Creating a creative mindset

Creativity is often considered an expression of natural ability, something like art, craft and design, but it can also be a wonderful way to embrace life.  It’s so much more than being able to draw, paint or make something.  It’s a way of looking at the world and how you interact with it.

Let me share with you what I’ve found in looking to bring more creativity in to my life.

I enjoy making and crafting and, as I’ve been challenged with the time to devote to these hobbies, I’ve also been challenged to think of new ways of being creative, that will give me the same feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Creativity can be described as bringing something to life, almost like making something out of nothing.   The creative process I’ve enjoyed mainly through crafts include patchwork and quilting, but I’ve also dabbled with embroidery, doll making and card making, amongst others.  I’ve made a number of quilts (and still have a few to complete!) as I love gifting them to family and friends.  These days I don’t seem to have enough hours or space in my house to set up for quilting, so these projects never get started/finished.

Instead, I’ve found great delight in writing, in creating a website and also more hands-on in making mandalas (using flowers and leaves from the garden – see photo above).

What I have learnt while pursuing any of these activities is that it’s a matter of doing what feels good, what sparks an interest.  It works best when I’m prepared to step up and have a go, experiment and be prepared to take risks, even without knowing the outcome.  Learning to move past self-doubt and the critical voice that usually rears its head.

In the same way I start with an idea for a quilt, and then nurture it through the process, adjusting when necessary and watching it come together, the idea of living without expectations, with an open heart and open mind and allowing space for life to develop, brings enjoyment and empowerment.   Sometimes scary, often involving a whole lot of trust and belief, and ‘knowing’ within, but definitely empowering.

The same can be said for starting and building a website and blog, which is just another form of creativity.  It took a leap of faith, a belief that it was the way forward and simply trusting that whichever way it unfolds is perfectly right.  It’s a chance for me to explore my expression and interests, move past fear (and all those soul-destroying negativities that keep us small) and connect and find a voice from within.  Faith, belief, trust.  It’s all bigger than me.

I was so incredibly fortunate to be introduced to the blogging world through Rachel MacDonald and her Blog-Hearted tribe, who radiate soul richness and all things beautifully authentic.

I was given an insight into what truth and voice are about.  This in itself is creative living.

Connecting with the essence of ourselves and embracing that in all aspects of our lives.  Sharing that with all we meet and in all we do.   Being open to experiment, explore, remove boundaries, move past limitations and open up to new possibilities.  What an amazing place to start and witness what intuitive creativity can produce; for that I’m forever grateful.

Finding pleasure, connection and fulfilment in what I create and share is so worth the risk (or my perception of risk, of course).  I don’t have a roadmap of where I’m headed but I’m embracing the (soul) journey and allowing it to unfold as it will.  Intuitively.

Isn’t it amazing that empowerment comes when we remove the control and barriers we build ourselves and open up to what might be!  Less control, more awareness and trusting our intuition.   With that comes greater awareness of ourselves, a connection with our deeper knowing and ultimately an inner peace and calm.

How are you including creativity in your life?

Did you ever think you were creative?  Perhaps it’s something relegated to your past, your childhood even.  Why not start with revisiting a hobby or past-time you used to enjoy.  Possibly a craft, playing an instrument, or maybe gardening or cooking.  Even colouring in.  Choosing to flex those creative muscles will get things moving and inspire you to move further forward.

Have you thought about looking at your job in a different light?  What are some different ways of performing your work and interacting with those around you?  How can you be more open and less judgemental of situations and people around you?

What new possibilities can you allow in to your life?

I enjoy exploring a little creativity with my coaching clients (they think that it’s fun!).  Starting with hands-on activities we progress through to thinking about how we express ourselves, our own value and self-worth.

Whether you are on your own journey, or looking for support and a fresh perspective, give yourself the gift to explore, to experiment, to open your mind, to take a risk, to extend boundaries and to consider things in a new way.

Above all, enjoy!




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