Do you feel like there could be something more in your life?  Something’s missing, or simply not quite right?

It’s been stirring for a while.  You’ve felt the whisper.  It’s been getting louder…

It’s at a deep, soulful level; you’re not sure what it is but you’re ready to explore and find out.


“There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.
There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled.
You feel it, don’t you?”


As a giver you’re generous and loving to all those around you.  So much so that you’re not used to doing things just for you or putting yourself first.  It can be uncomfortable to admit that and to admit that you feel the need to do something about it.  It is okay to feel that way; I can assure you, it’s normal. 

You’re always giving so much of yourself that, if you’re honest, you’re not sure who you are anymore.  It can be confronting.  We can often keep pushing these feelings and doubts aside.  Pushing them deep down until we have time to ‘deal’ with them later.  Much later.

So congratulations on taking this first step, recognising that there’s a need in you that can’t be ignored forever. 

You’ve probably heard “it’s all in the timing”.  Maybe you’ve had a change in family circumstances where you’re now needed more than ever.  Perhaps just as your kids are getting older, your parents are needing more care.  You’re quietly wondering if your time will ever come.  Even as your kids are becoming more independent, you may be questioning your next step.  Whatever your situation, it can be the catalyst to wondering what life really has in store for you.

I’ll ask you to ponder these questions:

Do you know what you want?

Do you know what you need?

Do you know what lights you up?

Not so easy to answer, right?  These questions can be really difficult, testing even. 

My realisation came when I felt swamped, after several years of caring for my family, having had one high care situation unfold after another.  We had sickness, illness, unemployment, and more (you can read my story HERE).  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be there for them, no, not at all.  But I realised I was also putting high demands on myself in feeling the need to keep on top of everything, all of the time.  Working (more than) full-time and keeping up with the house and garden, it was like running non-stop on the treadmill.  My circumstances were unable to change but I realised that I didn’t need to let the circumstances control me.

I had been feeling overwhelmed and tired (and with a little resentment on and off, let’s be real!), with on-going digestive problems, living constantly in my head and choosing to numb all the stress with pushing feelings aside, having a glass or two of wine to unwind and collapsing into bed exhausted.  Then not sleeping well. Repeated 24 hours later.

I knew something needed to change.  I started searching, looking around for ways to improve my health and my mindset, asking questions and looking for answers.

Unexpectedly, a kinesiologist told me I had a fear of the future.  

I realised I had the fear of nothing changing.

That stopped me in my tracks.  That was my dread.  Not the circumstances not changing, it was much more than that.  It was inside.  It was when I really thought about what I did want in the future that I realised I really didn’t know.  I couldn’t answer that question.  Or what I needed.  Or what lit me up.

On the outside I was sunny and bright but I had started to fade to grey on the inside.  I just didn’t realise it until then.

It’s been a long and slow process of discovery since.  Learning to calm my mind and create my own space to breathe.  Finding how powerful thoughts and feelings are and not being afraid of them.  Listening to my intuition.  Rediscovering the power of creating to bring joy and fulfilment. 

Learning from, and being inspired by, coaches and mentors has me happily ready to share what I’ve learnt, so you don’t have to stay in this place of frustration and disconnect any longer.

Are you ready to connect with yourself again?



  • You have difficulties setting boundaries

  • You’re living with too much running through your mind and have trouble quietening the noise

  • You feel there’s something more waiting for you

  • You’re committed to finding a little time for yourself

  • You feel ready to lean inwards and explore

  • You’re ready to express yourself

  • You’re ready to find what nourishes your soul


What’s involved?

3 x 1 hour sessions (via skype or phone)

Pre-session questionnaire

Email support between sessions and for two weeks afterwards

Worksheets and resources to suit

Simply email to arrange your free 30 minute Clarity Call.  Let’s discover what you’re looking for.


It’s wonderful when you help someone else in their journey:




How can I help you?

I am a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC) through the Institute of Transformational Nutrition, where Science, Psychology and Spirituality combine to consider health and wellness from a truly holistic perspective.

I am currently a student of Energy and Soul Medicine, following my deep desire to learn to access the body’s innate wisdom.

I’ve been in the place where, having so much on my plate and thinking I had to be everything to everyone to hold it all together, my head was spinning constantly and I was running around in circles.  I was like a duck paddling – looking like I had it all together on the surface but in reality, paddling madly and grappling to stay afloat.

I didn’t think I deserved to spend time and money for myself.  I didn’t acknowledge I was being dragged along by life and feeling unfulfilled.  I kept telling myself it was all okay and that one day I’d make some time for me.  I thought ‘self care’ was a luxury that didn’t apply to me.

The greatest recommendation I can give you is to consider yourself as you would someone you love.  You are important and deserving and really special.  Take the time, develop the inner connection and you’ll be amazed and in awe of how that makes you feel.

Now is the time for you to focus on YOU.

Go on, give yourself permission, you really do deserve it.  It’s your time!  

Simply email to arrange your free 30 minute Clarity Call.  Let’s discover what you’re looking for.