Hi, I’m Gail

If you’re always too busy, if it feels like everyone needs a piece of you and you find that your mind is so full it’s running like a hamster wheel, you’ll find we have a lot in common.

We didn’t plan it that way.  It’s just that life sometimes chooses to throw a few curve balls – seemingly to test our strength and resilience.  Or maybe just our sanity, right?!!

I’ve certainly felt thrown in the deep end.  In recent years our family has experienced a number of challenges that have seen me regularly being the main support, caregiver and earner.

  • My teenage daughter became sick over several months and was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease
  • My husband broke his foot and has often worked part-time since, having had over 30 operations (and still counting!)
  • We’ve moved house
  • Elderly parents have moved in with us, so we now have three generations living in the one household

While there have been many bright and happy times throughout,  working two part-time jobs and managing every aspect of the household (and despite keeping a smile on my face), I’ve often felt completely overwhelmed, my mind running overtime.

I actually didn’t realise how stressed I was.

Over time I found myself feeling flat and very tired, easily annoyed, frustrated and also with digestive issues.  All the signs of a stressed life, but because I was living it daily, it wasn’t obvious to me.   I was so caught up in staying on top of everything, that I didn’t see how important it was to look after myself.  Not just what I was eating or if I was exercising.  Looking after myself at a deeper level.  (To be honest, at the time I would have laughed it off!  Time for self-care, are you kidding?!!)

I’ve certainly had a long-term interest in health.  But I wanted to learn more, to help my daughter and to be proactive with our long-term health.  It has progressed from self-learning, to part-time study and then recently deciding to write and coach.   I’ve come across nuggets of wisdom that gave me a fresh perspective to my own situation and I’m keen to share that knowledge, with a particular focus on how it has helped me cope on a daily basis.

Piecing together the various parts of the wellness puzzle, I have realised that a holistic approach is the way for me.  I can try to be as healthy as I can with diet and exercise, but the full context of wellness can’t be experienced without tuning into the body, calming the mind and learning how to create peace and contentment within.

Essentially, I learnt how to get out of my head.

That was the key and it was the start of a new journey.

It’s enabled me to deal with the ongoing demands of a busy life and face each day on an even keel.  (Well, most of the time, anyway!)  It wasn’t a quick development but it was a crucial one, that enabled me to find a calmness and longed-for contentment that I hope I can help you discover too.

I’ve learnt to not get totally caught up in what’s happening around me, to pause and listen to my intuition, and be truer to myself.  Mind you, it’s certainly an ongoing journey, but that feeling of connectedness is what propels me forward.  Each and every day.

Thanks for joining me.

Gail x