As I heard the words, ‘fear of the future’, it was one of those life-changing moments.  It was my first visit to a kinesiologist, about 4-5 years ago, and, while I didn’t know much about muscle testing at the time, I knew this couldn’t be ignored.  Muscle testing bypasses the conscious mind and goes to the subconscious and unconscious so it was reaching a part of me I hadn’t let be expressed.

I came away from that session knowing that it was time to take back all the parts of me I’d given away.  Oh boy, and was that alot!  I’d lived nearly all my life as the good girl, the pleaser, nurturer, peace-keeper, quiet achiever, helper, in the many roles I played. 

I’d been happy to drift along supporting others, simply because I didn’t really know what I wanted for myself.  And it was the ‘right’ thing to do, of course…

But you know that wake-up moment you have, when you realise that there must be more?  Even though you have a great life, you’re loved, you love, you’re surrounded by family and friends, everything seems stable and there shouldn’t be any need to feel a lack.  But it’s there all the same.

I now realised I felt this ten years before I actually recognised it.  And that’s okay, everything in divine timing.   Other things also came in to play over that time.  There was a lot of emotions with family circumstances that seemed beyond control.  I didn’t know how to deal with those, so I simply pushed them down, deep inside me.  I continued to play along with it all, smiling, not realising that I was giving my power away, again and again.  And again.

The one thing I did know, after that wake-up moment, was that I needed to go within.  From the books I’d read and the self development I’d toyed with, I simply knew that everything I needed was inside me.  I had noooo idea what that was or how to access it, but it gave me a starting point.

I started trying to meditate but it took me over twelve months of attempts before I started to feel connected with my inner world.  The catalyst was hearing someone suggesting to put hands over heart to move out of the head and in to the body.  That was a life-changing moment as well!  I could suddenly feel my body and start to calm my crazy non-stop mind.

Three years ago I following my interests in health and wellness and studied holistic health coaching with the Institute of Transformational Nutrition.  I fell in love with coaching but also being coached and it started to open up doors within me.  I started to see what emotions were doing to me, all the reactive stuff that I had been sitting with for so long.  While the science and nutrition were interesting, it was the psychology and spirituality sections that sparked something deep inside.  This was where I needed to head.

I started Inspired Calm to empower women caught up in their busy lives, to reconnect with themselves and find the inner peace they were searching for.  In empowering them, I was empowering myself.

There was still something more to find and I was drawn towards my soul, dearly wanting to know and embrace her but not knowing how to do so.  It was the deep dive I wanted to take.

When I heard Melissa Sandon speak about soul work almost two years ago, I was drawn to it like a magnet.  While also having no idea what she was really speaking about!  I just knew that she spoke directly to my soul and that my journey in to Energy and Soul Medicine with the Soul Medicine Academy was the medicine that I was ready for.

This journey in to practitionership has been the best thing I’ve done for myself.  It’s been deep, painful, enlightening and euphoric.  I’ve dived in to my body and danced across dimensions.  Sunk in to my emotions and felt my heart crack open.  I’ve felt every sense of my being, witnessed my wholeness and blissed in my Oneness.  I’ve met, got to know and developed, a deep and rich relationship with my Soul.

My life, my world has totally changed.

It’s always ongoing.  Life is not stagnant, we as dimensional and energetic beings are always in motion.  It’s not always easy.  There are times I need to go in to the dark, to shine a light on what needs to be seen and heard.  There is always light on the other side of dark and as I align with my sovereign power and open my heart to see, hear and feel, with love and compassion, I’m able to meet myself again and again.

At this time, on my soul journey in this lifetime, I’m claiming myself, I’m choosing my Soul.

From my heart, to yours, I wish you an empowered journey to know the same.