A loving word to self

Dear self,

It seems like you are still trying to push a little too hard when you’re really wanting to let things flow.

You’ve had a taste of what it means to step back, to create space for yourself.

You’ve rediscovered yourself.

You’ve felt the expansiveness that only inner connection can bring.

Now it’s a matter of allowing things to unfold. You don’t know what they are, and that’s okay. In a way it’s exciting. Inherently you know you’re on a path, feeling like you’re heading in the right direction.

Where it might lead? Only taking steps forward will uncover that.

You’re discovering what it is to follow the things that nudge at your subconscious. You’ve had a glimpse of what is possible. Giving yourself time and space will continue to lead you down your path.

Allow yourself space to listen and to delve even deeper. There’s wisdom there and you have a calling. You don’t need to know all the answers, just have trust and faith that things will unfold gracefully as they are meant to.

Connect with your creativity, allow yourself to be expressed. Leave judgement and fear behind and let the flow take hold.

Let your voice be heard.

The possibilities are infinite.



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