Energy and Soul Medicine packages

Guiding soulful women in to their hearts and their power

to live a truly fulfilled life

Emotional release, healing, embodiment, energy clearing and soul channelling to allow

your ESSENCE, your SOUL, to be seen and heard.


The awakening has already begun, deep within, and you are yearning for more.

You have a sense of something that is so much bigger than where you are right now.   A sense of the self that deserves to be seen and heard.

You have a deep desire to feel your heart and connect with your soul.

You want to feel lit up from within.


That’s right, it just gets too much to ignore any longer!

You know it’s all within you.  That you can’t go looking externally any longer.  I know how frustrating it can be, looking for that next step, that next crumb of wisdom that might light the way.

I knew the answer was through my heart and I soooo wanted to know my soul.  

I made a conscious choice – to choose this path and to choose myself.   And in doing so, I’ve realised I’ve chosen my soul.    It’s a journey that keeps unfolding and it’s the utmost gift I could ever give myself.   


Hi, I’m Gail

I empower women to drop out of their busy mind and in to their body, the gateway to reconnecting with their deep inner wisdom that holds all they are searching for.

It’s a journey of discovery, illumination and Truth and is ultimately the path to our greatest happiness and deepest fulfilment.



For years I was holding it all together on the inside to make it look good from the outside.  I’d shut down so much of myself that’s it’s been a slow road back.  I wasn’t aware of how many barriers I’d put up and, living outside of myself, I’d given all my power away.

Cracking open my heart, starting to clear my expression centre and activating my power has been a huge part of it … and there’s been so much more!  Quite honestly, I feel as though I didn’t know myself until recently.   

Anais Nin — ‘And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.’

Talking and listening to women in different stages of life, I’ve found the disconnection from self is a common thread. A by-product of this modern way of living.

But I have also learnt that the awareness or awakening is a reflection of a deeper communal consciousness that is shifting, together with the rising of the divine feminine.

We are awakening to the Truth of our full potential, where we can allow our souls the freedom to express openly, to flow with the abundance of the universe and receive the infinite gifts that await.


We are all here to know, feel, embrace and live our soul’s Truth, the reason we chose to journey here in this lifetime. A part of my soul’s journey is to claim my gifts, share what I have experienced and learnt, to help empower you towards all that you can be.



What type of healing experience is this?

I’d love to introduce you to Energy and Soul Medicine.  Quite simply, it’s a kinesiology-based modality to support you on the journey of discovery in to your inner world, exploring where barriers can be gently removed, your true self witnessed and a beautiful connection rekindled.

It’s an exploration of yourself in all facets, as we open to explore Mind, Body, Emotions, Energy and Soul, all the parts of your being, in whatever way they arise.

Working at a deep level with the issues that are holding you back – repeated patterns, limiting thoughts, behaviours and memories, the deep-seated fears, the knowing that you are playing small and yet yearning for more; the issues you are aware of and even those you are not.  The healing you are ready for.

What our time together can look like

We meet in the energetics of the co-created space, where we open to the wonder of the universe and the insights and wisdom that are ready to be shared and heard.

It is a safe space where you are supported, held and gently guided through.

Together we explore the vibrational dynamics of the field, opening to the light and dark, yin and yang, Chakras and Soul Centres, meridians, embodiment, channelled wisdom, soul work and so much more. 

It’s deep, delicious and divinely timed.

As a soul choosing to journey in this human lifetime, you are here to experience it all, the fullness in all its glory.  Our sessions unfold from a place of curiosity and enquiry, the desire to know more, and based on the inherent knowing that everything is already within us.

Whilst there may be ah-ha moments, it’s generally a discovery of layers and often hidden blocks, and we allow them to come to light. Once they are brought forward, there is the opportunity for the energy within them to be gently diffused and moved. This allows space for new energies to be brought in and a new vibrational imprint created. Hence we can create healing, change and momentum.


Wondering if this is right for you?

The common theme with the women I work with is that they have HUGE hearts.  They are givers and doers, but often at the expense of themselves.  Over time, they’ve disconnected from their own needs and wants, continuing to put others before their own – because that’s just what they do. 

I’ve seen health issues, family crises, relationship changes and similar, all create a wake-up call to such a sensitive and tender heart.  Then it’s time to finally consider themselves.   Some catch it before it gets to crisis point.  Often more of a growing dissatisfaction with the modern world and wanting to seek an alternative or more fulfilling way of living and being.   Either way, you’ll know when you are ready.  You can feel the tug from your soul.

Exploring Energy and Soul Medicine, doing the work on myself as well as being safely held by my fellow practitioners, has allowed me to feel something that I hadn’t realised I needed so much – to feel seen and heard.  To witness myself and hear my own voice deep within me … the essence that’s been hidden or shut down after experiences through this and past lifetimes, a reaction to hurt, wounding and suffering. It might sound melodramatic but it’s the true intensity that the body holds on to. We make it real for ourselves and the energetic imprint runs deep. Being able to witness and honour these deep emotions, to be in my body and open to the awareness of inner wisdom, the unconditional love in my heart and to feel the stirrings of my soul, has been a breakthrough.

There is magic to be found in all our sensations.

The only way I can practise and teach this is to have experienced it for myself. It’s been the most empowering gift I could ever have received. Feeling deeply connected, my heart and my soul have opened up to embrace what seems like a new world for me.

It’s based in the beauty of the practise of Energy and Soul Medicine, a kinesiology-based modality taught by my teacher and mentor, Melissa Sandon, founder of the Soul Medicine Academy. Melissa herself is embodying her teachings every day, as we are as practitioners. It’s the new wave of energy work, created directly through our own gifts and personal journeys.

I’m here now to empower women like you to connect with their heart and soul, the inner connection we all deeply crave but have lost contact with in these modern times of constantly doing, doing, doing.    By reconnecting with our deeply-held wisdom, seeing our Truth and truly witnessing ourselves, we can remember.  We can finally find the freedom to express who we are. 

We can come home to ourselves.

With this comes a deep sense of fulfilment, and a beautiful sense of peace and calm.  

I know it as Inspired Calm.



What you can expect

Energy and Soul Medicine sessions are:
• 1:1 
• 1 to 1.5 hours long
• held fortnightly


Two package options available: 

INSPIRED DISCOVERY    –     a journey across 4 sessions 

INSPIRED DEVOTION    –     a journey across 8 sessions


Sessions are held online/virtually so you can experience this from the comfort of your own space, wherever you are.  Energy knows no boundaries and has the same potency whether we are in the same room or opposite sides of the world!

If you are ready, it would be my absolute honour to hold space with you.  


My wish for you, beautiful woman, is for you to start to fully experience all that you are. Not who you think you are, or think you should be, but the Truth of who you are. That’s where the fulfilment lies.  And it’s yours to claim.

Big love,